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But when she returned home her upbeat personality had dimmed into darkness.

She suffered from nightmares, flashbacks, anxiety, sleeplessness, and depression, and she isolated herself from her friends and her family.

There’s clearly a very specific parallel being drawn between Dolores’ descent into the darkly mysterious underworld of Westworld and Alice’s descent into the equally dark and mysterious Wonderland.

"Now he's here and he's the top male so he's making the most of it." Dirk was caught from the wild Galapagos islands in 1962 and transferred to London Zoo from Rotterdam Zoo in the Netherlands.

Episode five will find William and Dolores venturing far from the park’s relatively safe center. She also talked about showrunners Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy’s ambitions for the series, the challenges of playing an artificial intelligence with what appears to be an ever-increasing number of layers, and criticism of the show’s portrayal of sexual violence against women. There’s a moment in episode four where the marshal confronts her in the village … Is it the same thing that we see when she tells Maeve the “These violent delights” line? When you first talked to Jonah and Lisa about the show, how much did they tell you about its arc and about Dolores’ arc? I knew I was going to be a part of this really amazing HBO show about robots. And I was honored and felt very privileged to play her. Ha ha ha.” And then halfway through the season I realized they might not be kidding, and this may be one of the best shows we’ve seen in our generation. Were you at all hesitant to sign up for something where you didn’t know who the character would be after she was transformed? We found out episode by episode, the same way the audience was going to find out. But I sort of love working that way where I don’t have time to digest or overthink things.

The authors of this guide are die hard San Franscicans (one went to Lincoln High School. and the other spent her teen years in the Castro’s gay clubs), but we definitely don’t pretend to be experts and if the comments sections of other queer guides are any indication, we will have left your favorite joint out. Because San Francisco is so friggin’ gay sometimes that if we included every spot of “LGBT” interest we’d have have to write up every restaurant, shop, pop-up, park, back alley and service in the whole damn town! Be warned — for a tiny-ass city we have a lot of neighborhoods and – don’t even question it – you’re defined by where you live here.

So, we apologize in advance for not including your favorite. While in many cities the first question a stranger asks you may be “So what do you do? ” In the interest of steering you in the right direction, we’re here to offer a rundown of The Hoods of San Francisco: The Sunset: Very residential.

Here is the guide of guides for the city of cities.

San Francisco is held on such a pedestal for us gays and while it’s true that the numbers of gays here are vast (something like 1 in 3 people are homos!

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