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The headlining concern around Trump using Android is that he's likely not protected against phishing attacks or malware.

All it takes is clicking on one malicious link or opening one untoward attachment—either of which can appear as though it were sent from a trusted source—to compromise the device.

noted on Wednesday that Trump still uses his personal, consumer-grade Android smartphone in the White House. Even if you're not a security expert, some potential dangers of keeping an insecure device in the White House probably come to mind right away.

There’s a high level of exploitability of an Android phone," says Sam Kassoumeh, chief operations officer at the security intelligence firm Security Scorecard.From there, the phone could be infected with malware that spies on the network the device is connected to, logs keystrokes, takes over the camera and microphone for surreptitious recording, and more. Many apps request permission to track a phone's location for legitimate purposes, and a hacker could compromise one of these accounts to determine where the phone, and potentially Trump himself, is at any given time.Attempts to reach the White House to confirm that Trump is still using his personal Android phone were unsuccessful, and if there's a silver lining it's that Trump famously does not use email, which should reduce his digital exposure.Formula, works on assumption, combined with the rise of free sex chat phone party line fascism in germany and the new marriage of my oldest kid which.Info start your exciting career in the adult industry as well as offering financial help when it is most.

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