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They need to understand a specific type of man: The Introvert. He must have regular solitude to recharge his energy. Her observations are that couples with similar types of personalities (two extraverts for example) does not help on the weakness in each other, specially on an intimate level. It' about finding confort on a person that is strong where you are weak.

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He says he's just not comfortable in social settings, and I have begged him to see a therapist for his antisocial ways, but he refuses and says "it's just not my thing." Am I being too pushy or expecting too much for him to be involved with my social life?

It is an idyllic setting for hosting, something I do with regularity.

I have a ton of friends, and I try to get together with each of them (the ones in town, anyway! I have a great apartment overlooking the water, which I share with my boyfriend of two years.

Let them know that you want to and will spend time with them.

Aushra Augusta, a lithuanian psychologist and sociologist has studied extensively the interaction between different types of personalities.

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