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Q: What personal experiences did you bring to the film? I wanted the main character to be creative but I didn’t want her to be a filmmaker because that would have been a little too self-referential.

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lot was known at the time), with string arrangements by Bert de Coteaux.

FSM, an official selection of the 2016 Portland Film Festival, follows the daily struggles of Samantha, a DJ living in Vancouver BC, as she tries to balance a career and a dating scene that hasn't been doing her any favors. Jones, the movie features acting performances from Vanessa Crouch, Sean Aiken, Georgie Daburas, Daniel Mallinson, Jessica Heafey, Kyla Wise, Hannah Pederson, Nneka Croal, and Garrett Black. While watching the film, I kind of, sort of developed maybe just a bit of a crush on Vanessa Crouch's Samantha who is such a perfectly flawed human being.

At this point in my review, I have a bit of a confession to make.

In Vancouver, it was part of the Women in Film Festival in March and is screening again as part of Canadian Film Week.

We talked to Jones, who along with cast members will be in attendance for both Vancity Theatre screenings, about drawing on her own experiences for the film, casting, and nude scenes. There is quite an active underground electronic music scene in the city, although you might not know about it because it’s truly underground. And I was writing the script and I thought this was a great world to set the script in.

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