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Soon after Confidential appeared, in 2002, Bourdain began hosting a series of around-the-world culinary explorations.

Yet he continues to make marijuana jokes that seem to indicate he still smokes weed. ___________________________________________________________________ Historical and personal interlude: Dwight Heath, a longtime friend of mine, is the world's most prominent alcohol anthropologist.

During off-drinking weekends and weekdays, no one sneaks out to drink alcohol or displays other symptoms of alcohol dependence All of this was reprised by best-selling social psychologist Malcolm Gladwell in 2010 in the New Yorker in a piece titled, "Drinking Games: How much people drink may matter less than how they drink it." In 2000, Dwight published the book, . Well, wonder of wonders, he's lost even that small pot.

At the risk of simplification, the book is about how the Spanish of all ages drink in every situation. After not smoking for the better part of a decade, while visiting Borneo, Bourdain went to the grave of a deeply respected village elder he had met on his first visit, where he left a bottle of beer and a lit cigarette. I have already described how the natives Bourdain visited spent their three-day holiday drinking non-stop—every man, woman, and (I think I saw this on the show, but please correct me if I'm wrong) child. But Bourdain does this sort of drinking, often along with natives, on many episodes of his show. At 60 , Bourdain looks Well, Stanton, I find him rogue... He also said he only drinks when he does shows and when he's home he lives a clean lifestyle.

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It prompted my classic PT Blog: "End Alcoholism: Bomb Spain," in which I point out that the Spanish, with their much different attitude towards alcohol from us, have far superior drinking outcomes, with far less alcohol damage and much more enjoyment. It would seem that Anthony has given up drugs—heroin, cocaine, and psychedelics—but for his rumored marijuana use. Before leaving the cig, Bourdain took a deep, appreciative drag (saying "I haven't smoked in years")—then put the cigarette on the grave marker. I was surprised about your interesting facts about mixing drugs leads to overdoses, not usually just one drug itself. He seems to be really into Jujitsu, and as a practitioner also, I can tell you that rolling and alcohol don't mix.

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